Legal Photographers?

How much do you know about your wedding photographer?  The better question is: Are they legal?

By legal I mean do they have a business license, tax ID number, FEIN, business registration, LLC/SP/ or INC?

You may be flooded by photographers online, mostly Facebook, that are offering services for family portraits, and this is fine.  Facebook is a great place to find clients and for clients to find their photographers.

But you need to find out more.  If you are paying someone for a service, even photography (yes, it is regulated by taxes) they must charge and pay sales tax to the State of Florida, the IRS, and must have a business registered.  Seeing many of them out there I wonder about this.  Most, if not a majority of them run the business from the home, I do, and I know many of them are not registered with the state, sadly.  I checked on a few.

This can be a dangerous rod to travel because if they are collecting payments, they must collect tax, and pay tax to the D.O.R.

I can say with ease, that I have all of these things.  I am running a 100% legal business because it is the right thing to do.  Most photographers that get a camera and decide to jump into this business do not think about all of this.

When hiring a photographer you should ask for a few things (not necessary, but good things to know)

Ask them if they are registered with a tax ID number.  You can even ask to see their tax certificate as well as insurance.

Just something to think about.

Disney Vacation Packages

DISNEY!!!  If your family is planning to take a trip to the Walt Disney World in Orlando, I have you covered.  Disney photograph packages are a full day event, and how would you like to enjoy the day with your own personal photographer to get every moment you have with your family?  We will shoot it all, character meet and greets, rides, and every other detail of your day.  This is a fun service that is hard to find with other photographers, and a unique one as well.

Contact me for information on this special package!



As many of you know we have been running contests in the Bradenton area for couple’s portraits.  This was a fun thing to do, and I plan on doing more of them.  Many people have expressed interest in family portraits, and I think that this will be the next contest.

The Most Asked Question…


This is a very common question that I get.  Usually I get this question from someone that fills out my “Contact me” page on my web site.

When I receive this email, the first thing I do is see when it was sent, then I go to my web site analytics, and I see what pages this person viewed before sending this contact message. Nearly 100% of the time, they went to my pain page, then clicked on the “contact me” button without having looked at anything else on my page.  Personally I wish people would have looked at the portfolio pages so that they know what I can do.  There is also a “prices” page on may website that has this information, but I do not care to give it out again via email.

When I get a contact like this I know that they are price shopping and this does not bother me.  Who does not want a deal right?

Why Hire A Professional to Photograph Your Wedding?

Why Hire A Professional to Photograph Your Wedding?

This is an interesting question.  I have been to weddings where the couple setup a bowl on tables with disposable cameras.  This is a cheap way to go about getting a bunch of photos, but will any of them look good?  Most likely not!  You are going to pay a bunch of money for those cameras, then pay to have them developed only to find out that about 80% of them are junk.

Why not have a friend shoot the wedding for you?  My question to this is, does your friend have experience in shooting a wedding?  Shooting a wedding, like the ones I have shot, are no easy walk in the park.  You must know the flow of the wedding, who is who and who is where at what time.  Weddings are very fast paced, and you can miss a moment in a fraction of a second.

I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at a local venue last week, the Manatee Central Banquet Hall, for a cute couple, Katie and Mike.  The venue was very nice, but the light in it was all over the place.  Shooting at this location is not for someone with what is known as a “nice camera.” unless you know how to see the light, manipulate the light, and to eliminate problems before they happen when shooting a wedding.  The camera is just the recorder, the lens is what actually does the magic.  Sure, Uncle Bob, may have a “nice camera” but does he have the kit lens that came with it when he picked it up at the store along with a loaf of bread, milk, and crackers?

A professional photographer will have professional quality lenses.  These sometimes can cost as much, if not more than the camera.  Quality lenses, like the ones I use for me Canon cameras, are the “L” series (stands for Luxury — according to Canon).  These lenses have near flawless glass that is coated for protection, silent motors (known as Ultrasonic).  They can focus about as fast as you can blink, and they can let in amazing amounts of light that will allow the photographer to capture some amazing photos, when used properly.  Kit lenses are on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They are usually low quality glass that have problems with colors.  They are great for the average mom and dad that want to flip their camera on automatic and snap photos of their kids at the park.  But they are not wedding quality glass that you need.

Photographers are the ones that actually make the image the way it is.  Not the camera or the lens.  They are just tools of the trade.

When you hire a professional you can rest knowing that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the images being taken that you want.  A professional wedding photographer will know what to take and when to take them.  That is our job.  We know weddings, we know how they work, and we know how to capture moments that you did not even know where happening.  Its what we do!

Cost of Weddings

How much does an average wedding cost?  Do you know?  Here is an online tool for you to find out what the average cost of a wedding is based on your location.

This will not only give you the total cost, but also all services that are associated with the cost of a wedding.  Everything from the PHOTOGRAPHER, but also the venue, videographer, DJ, catering…

A great tool if you ever need it.

Wedding Venues

Today I would like to talk about wedding locations, in specific, the Manatee Central banquet Hall.

This past weekend I had to opportunity to shoot a wedding for Katie and Mike at the Manatee Central Banquet Hall located at 509 9th St. E. in Bradenton.  This is a spectacular building that is over 100 years old.  it was a hotel back in the day.  The location is upstairs with large windows that allow so much light in that you hardly need the lights on during the day.

The staff was very friendly, yet I did not see them when the wedding was going on.  This was almost a self service type of location.  I will be posting photos of this venue on my FB page as soon as I am able to edit them.  The interior of this building is brick laced walls and a white ceiling.  You could not really ask for anything more.  No matter the time of day, there is always sunlight shining inside the rooms because of the windows on the East, North, and South walls.

If you are in need of a location for your next wedding I would suggest checking them out, here is a link to their web page:

These photos that I am posting are from their web site:

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